Liberty Telecoms Holdings, Inc. (LIB or Company) was incorporated and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on January 14, 1994.  Its common shares were listed and traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) beginning October 17, 1994. On November 21, 2016, the common shares were delisted from the Official Registry of the PSE pursuant to the latter’s approval of the Company’s Petition for Voluntary Delisting.

Group Corporate Structure

LIB is a holding company and owns 100% of the shares of stock of Tori Spectrum Telecom Inc. (TORI, formerly known as “wi-tribe Telecoms, Inc.”), a duly licensed public telecommunications company in the Philippines, and of Skyphone Logistics, Inc. (SKYPHONE), a marketing and trading company.

Business Operations

The Company operates its business through TORI which provides data communications services, primarily broadband internet connections.

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